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FOR SALE -- Pisces Black Diamond Quartz gravel , easily 60kg most likely 70kg...

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Condition: UsedPrice: Asking $120Willing To Ship: Nolocation: Sunshine Coast

Hey people , Have re-done one of my tanks so currently have easily 60kg+ of the Black Diamond Quartz gravel for sale, More like it is 70kg.

Stuff isn't cheap & cost me over $240 , Has been stored inside a sealed fishy bin , but i cannot hoard everything.

Looks brilliant , especially if you have a quality LED light.

Bring your own LARGE container or 2 for the collection side of thing's because i would prefer too keep my big fishy bin.

$120 - First in best dressed unless i've dealt with you before : )

Ready too go now ,


Natural Quartz not only looks wonderful but has also been shown to help reduce the build up of algae in the aquarium.

This is partly due to the huge surface area of quartz which offers added space for the establishment of ‘tank cleaning’ bacteria.

Quartz sparkles underwater due to the many light reflecting facets and looks like diamonds have been added to your tank.

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I'd take the rest if you come to the coast but I aint heading your way again in a hurry, spewn I didn't know earlier would have grabbed it when we caught up last

Haha sorry bro, only decided too sell it today i was happy sitting on it hoarding it until today since the stuff cost me so much!!!!

Thinking about heading towards the tech den early this week too perhaps meet mr mbuna for his 10kg worth , That close enough for ya ?

: )

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Come get it before my garden does ,

$120 - 70kg. I'll throw in the container that is currently holding it all , bloody heavy though....

Very interested in 10 kgs. Do you deliver?? That will lighten the container for you. Nice gesture hey?

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