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Quality White Convict Pairs (only 2)

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Cichlid Type: American Cichlids

Price: -Size: 7cm -13/15cm

Quantity: 2 pair

Sex: Unknown

Suburb/Town: Bris North Albany Creek

Hey guys,

Selling these for a family member, originally they were my fish but i had to leave them.

1st pair are the parents, female is quite orange as you can see, it even extends onto her nose, all her offspring that i have seen keep this orange colour, female offspring colour up at about 3-4cm.

The male is a brute of a fish sporting a large nuchal hump and protects his woman and babies with his life.

Female is roughly 8cm male at a guess is between 13-15cm possibly bigger as i don't see them much anymore.

Personally i think there is potential to make 'Orange cons' from this pair, but this is just my thoughts.

They have been well looked after in my absence, looking for $50 for the pair.

2nd pair are offspring from the 1st, obviously carry the same genes.

Female 6cm, male roughly 10-12cm, once again well looked after in my absence, looking for $40.

I never thought i'd do a large write up for Convicts :crazy::crazy: but these really are great fish you wont be disappointed.

Available Sun, Mon all day, after 5:30 weekdays.

PM & Pick-up only :)






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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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