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Have you seen the light?

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Because if you haven't...... you are now!.

I speak of course of THIS mighty beast.


The Pet Worx Freshwater Clamp Lamp Led 3w

+ 3 watt of power

+ Way more bright than you expect

+ Not too bad on a 2 footer

+ Grows moss like a champ

+ $24.95!

+ Recommended to me by Smicko

A customer favorite for everything from betta tanks and algae scrubbers.... to even wabi kusa!

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Nice pitch, i especially like the part about me lol.

I have a few of these, i have used them to grow all type of moss, fissidens, subwassatang, hornwort, guppy grass, all types of val, crypts, anubias, Java fern and some stem plants at depths up to 18 inch.

Definitely my favourite light for small tanks.

Cheers mick

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