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5ft tank, 25-30cm barramundi, 35-40cm sleepy cod and a 20cm albino sailfin pleco

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Price: Open to offersSize: variesSex: UnsexedSuburb/Town: WynnumHi guys.... After speaking to a few members on advice for how best to deal with my tank, I have decided to sell the lot. I have struggled to keep up with everything since my partner left suddenly so I need to do what's practical.

Ok, the tank is a Cleair 5 foot with a curved front. It has no built in lights (they didn't work, I just use an old fluro) and the plastic lids broke so I went to masters and had some glass cut As you can see in the pics, the rhs door has the laminate peeling off from one time when one of the hoses sprung a leak. Has 2 cupboards and a shelf in the middle.

The filter is a fluval X5, never had any problems with it. I am not 100% sure what media is in it, but I'm pretty sure it mainly those black bio balls.

There's a 300w eheim heater.

Ok the fish.... Barry the Barramundi and Sam the Sleepy Cod joined my family almost 3 years ago now! And Jengo the albino sailfin moved in just over a year ago. As you may be able to tell, they are very much our pets and seeing them go will be bloody awful (I'm having a bit of a moment just typing this up).

I can't answer any really technical questions. The fish are all healthy and eating a variety of foods.. The pleco's favourite is organic zucchini (I don't know why, but he definitely prefers it over the regular stuff!!) the cod and the barra love prawns and small bits of raw chicken, the odd mussel, calamari now and then, and pellets. They seem to be nice healthy fish, they've grown since we got them, especially the cod. I know that they will need a new home one day and I'm going to find it hard enough to find one just for me and my kids let alone a big tank :-(

Anyway, I have no real idea what any of this is worth, the tank I bought second hand for $475 just before we got them, but it didn't have the laminate lifting like it does now. If anyone wants to make a serious offer, just let me know






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Ok, so here it is. The house I'm living in is being demolished and we have until February 18 to be out. As I'm now a single mum of 4 kids it's going to be tough. If I can sell the tank and fish for the cost of hiring a truck to move, which seems to be about $250, then I'll be happy and not in a bad situation. Is $250 a fair price for the lot? If it's not, PLEASE someone let me know coz I have no actual idea!!!

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$250 is an awesome price, filter alone would be worth that, yeah the stand is not in good condition, but a new stand doesnt cost that much either does a brand new LED light. I would chuck it up on Facebook on one of the buy and sell pages, i think it would sell quickly.

just dont let anyone lowball you

i would buy it, but the wife would kill me and i dont feel like dying just yet

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