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Supachlor 2 LITRES dechlorinator water ager - under $20 - 2 days only.

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Yep we have Prime, Fraction, API and Supachlor dechlorinators water ages and Supachlor 2 litre we have a massive bargain on - $21.96 less your QLDAF discount just $19.76

2 Days only or while stock lasts.

Australian Made

Use just 5ml per 200 liters

Water Ager

Removes Ammonia

Removes Fluoride

Removes Heavy Metals

Removes Copper, Iron, Zinc and Aluminium by chelating

Removes Hydrated Lime

Does not contain Formaldehyde

Here is the link -----> http://www.thetechden.com.au/dealoftheday.asp


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