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To be a legend, you have to have been around the block a few times. To have ground it out long term. To have saved the day, or just powered on.

There is one beast, more highly respected than any other HOB.

And that beast is the Aquaclear 500 or as its now called, the Aquaclear 110.

Now the aquaclear waterfall hang on the back style filters come in many sizes.

The 110 though is the BEAST. It easily matches most medium sized canisters in quality of filtration.


+ Proven over many many years.

+ Parts still readily available.

+ From a successful company that is only going to continue to grow.

+ Much quicker to clean than a canister filter.

+ Easy to customize filter media to tailor it to specific aquarium and fish types.

+ Easy to DIY into refugiums etc.

+ Easy to troubleshoot

+ Favorite of n00bs and pro's.

- Does not fit on tanks with bigger lid lips than its bite.

- Can be tricky to use with some lids or hoods.

- Noisier on tanks that are not totally filled.

- Not legal to marry in most of the Australian states.

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one of the best for water clarity as well, these were and still are the bees nees, hell might even get one and not use it,leave on the shelf in its unopened box, look at it admire it,dust it, maybe even stroke it occasionally, AND THEEEEN auction it off in 50 years for '' ONE MILLRIN DOLRARS '' (says with little finger in mouth ) hahahahahahahahahahahah (and use it filtering a shark tank with freakin laser beams on their heads )

got to mojo now

sorry go go now

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