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For sale Saratoga,Wild Caught Oscars,PBass,Clown Loaches,SalmonTail Catfish,Pleco's

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Cichlid Type: American CichlidsPrice: $35-300Size: 7.5cm to 45cmSex: UnknownSuburb/Town: BenowaHey guys i'm selling off all my fish, fish tanks and all accessories.

3 Wild Caught Oscars ranging from 20-35 cm $100 ea or all for $250

1 Tiger Oscar free with Wild Caught Oscars

2 Salmon Tail Catfish 40 cm+ $50 ea or both for $85

1 Chocolate Pleco 25cm $50

1 Sailfin Pleco 30cm $40

1 Gold spot Pleco 30cm $75

3 Plecos Unsure of what they are nice colors $35ea

2 Clown Loachs 10-13 cm $40 ea or both for $70

1 Jaguar cichlid 7cm $10

1 6x2x2 Tank with timber stand and sump all plumbing, pump. heater and lights $350

1 6x2x1 Tank with curved glass front Great display tank. Air pump, Lights, 2 canister filters, Heater $550

Lots of drift wood offer prices

Will try and get Pictures up as soon as i can and most prices are negotiable.





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