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Rossmount Pumps - 3400lph-9800lph - Italian Made - 3 Year Warranty

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We have received in the new Rossmount Pumps, they are Italian made with a 3 Year Warranty. Prices start at just $125


They have two series - The M series and the MX Series and the M series will attach to glass magnetically to hold them in place up to 15mm glass and the MX will go up to a 19mm glass.

There is also a option for a controller that is due later in the month if you want to control them.

Size wise they they are physically smaller than the Tunze pumps and they have two unique features where they have two different output methods where they can be set to either 60 degree flow for stronger flow over a smaller area and 120 degree flow for a softer wider area.

The other thing that is really good is the reduced maintenance with ACS

The Auto Cleaning System it's a set of windows and openings positioned in particular points of the pump. By a specific path, the water recirculates correctly in a forced way and eliminates the residual air inside, thus lubricating and cleaning continuously every part of the pump that normally would consume rapidly due to debris, calcium deposits or salt.

The Rossmount pumps also have a VAS system which reduces vibration.

We have tried the M3400 and been very happy with the running and results with the tests we performed.


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