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Unfairly Addicted. I shouldn't be in here.

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Hi Guys, It all started with a 50% water change. The 5 foot community tank was going fine, 2 kribs, 4 Bolivian rams, 2 male swords from the local creek, 1 Synodontis and 14 Angels. Topping the tank up due to evaporation on a bymonthly basis was working fine for years. I really don't know what possessed me to drain half the tank. Within minutes of clean water refilling the tank turned into "Shades of Grey" Part 2. Everything was going berserk. The kribs totally changed colour, from a pale tan/brown to hues of red,purple and blue. Their fins normally close to their body were splayed as they danced around chomping at each other. The runty little angels, which later turned out to be the females, attacked everything in sight irrespective of size or whether it was a fish or not. The rams which until then had been a friendly group of four even coloured up too, back to how they had been when I first purchased them from the LFS. Hmmmm it hadn't been dye in the food after all. One pair claimed territory over a flat rock while the two loners were banished to the other end of the tank, only to be chased back by the Kribensis, who had now decided to bury their differences until the intruders were shown the door.

Writing this, it comes to mind what possessed me to change the water. I had not seen the big catfish for around 4 months. I knew he either lived in the cave I had built from rocks, or in the hollow log that was well overgrown with Java fern. My fears were that he had passed away and was rotting quietly among the roots of the plants somewhere. The thought of putting my hands into a fermented fish soup, to hack back the amazing growth disgusted me, and because I am a great believer of "If it ain't broke don't fix it" I settled for the lesser of 2 evils, a partial water change rather than dragging everything out and starting again. WOW! there he was, a super-dreadnought, who had never looked this good even from the day I inherited him along with the tank, from my son. Just cruisin, If fish rode bikes his would have been a Harley.

So there I was with a completely new ecosystem of aggressively horny fish, all fighting for a mate and territory. OMG "Get a room" sprung to mind and that's exactly what I knew I had to do. I have borrowed tanks from friends and now have 4 tanks and rising and more fry than you can poke a stick at. My only problem is getting a microworm culture or some sort of live food to raise the fry.

I LIED. I have heaps of problems, but i normally post those on the "How to Avoid Letting Your Hobby Make You Homeless" forum :)

Take a tip from me. NEVER change the water and if a fish dies just replace it with a plant.

PS. Has anyone got microworms that I could perhaps have a pocketfull of. :)

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@ farmboy99 memories of how we all got the incurable disease

You could put a wanted add in the trader section for microworms someone is bound to have some for sale

We always have Microworms but we are at Redcliffe .

PM if you need some - see what we can organize .( pickup only no postage - sorry)

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