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Help with setup

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So we decided we don't need a lounge room and that our fish are more important! 😂😉

we decided to set up our corner unit again and separate it into 3 sections. Below is a pic of the tank on its side. To two longest ends measure 1330. We want to make a smaller square section in the middle and two larger ends on each side (you can see from the pic where the glass panels join in the second pic is pretty much where we are thinking of deciding it )

we want to have really good flow through the entire setup. What is the best way to do this considering filtration, dividers, gravel or bare etc for cats. We have another tank that is already divided but it's slightly annoying as the dividers are fixed and can't be moved to suit our needs at any time. So we want the dividers in this tank to be "relocatable" but are sort of stumped how to do it. We are thinking of using Perspex with small holes to allow flow through the whole tank and perhaps an under gravel filter system throughout with individual internal units in each section?? Otherwise we thought maybe using two canisters on either end with 20mm pipe with loads of tiny holes drilled for the inlet and the same for the outlet bar to creat a sprinkler type set up?? If that makes sense?

any susgestions? I'm making this my Sunday job and hubby is already out knocking up a recessed stand and hood :)



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