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GH&KH shrimp, rasboras tetras

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Hi just purchased a GH&KH from the Tech Den great warehouse very helpful.

Just wondering if I'm doing ok with my tanks. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Tank 1 20L GH 9 KH 3 (red cherry shrimp and mosquito rasboras) TDS is 670 but everyone very healthy not so sure if I should leave it or do something.

Tank 2 200L GH 7 KH 5 (harlequin rasboras, peppermint catfish, otocynclis, bumblebee gobies, neon tetras(will be moved soon) and chameleon/ninja shrimp. TDS 240

Tank 3 120L GH 6 KH 5 (2 rummy nose tetras, 3 glow light tetras, ) TDS 200

Tank 3 has only recently been cycled and I am planning to add neon tetras from tank 2 in a week or so.

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