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Aulonocara Koningsi Mbenji Juvies

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Cichlid Type: African Cichlid

Price: $6 EA

Size: 5-7cm

Quantity: 30+

Sex: Male

Suburb/Town: Deception Bay

Aulonocara Koningsi Mbenji(Blue Regal Peacock) juvies for sale!

Minimum purchase $20

Pick up only, available most weekends or after 5pm weekdays by appointment.

Bags available.

Please contact via PM.


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Man that picture does not do these justice! my avatar is of a 7cm sibling to these!! I want so bad but I'm waiting for my big tanks to cycle (I have to actually turn them on first) I will deffinatly be in touch in the future about these, by far the nicest Aulonocara I have ever kept......but very agro....serious D V issues in these families!

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[ATTACH=CONFIG]70548[/ATTACH]only pic on my PC, I can get some better ones off my phone I think. These are awesome fish! the colouration is amazing. Cannot recommend enough

Well i travelled from the sunshine coast on your recomendation , and i have to say you were 100% right ,bought 8 should have bought more.

If your after top peacoks these are the fish to buy you have 5days to get some before i can get that way again and ill buy the rest .

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