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Sail the South Sea!

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Whats the most popular rock we stock for reefing?



Its called South Seas Base Rock.

And it is good for all the best reasons.

+ Nice and white.

+ Grows coraline well once seeded.

+ Rough texture so grippy for stacking.

+ Drills well, for those wanting to do acrylic rod scapes.

+ Very high surface area.

+ Old so contains no organics.

+ Harvested from places that once were reef, but are now desert. No negative impact on natural ecosystems.

+ No risk of bringing aiptasia, bryopsis or mantis into your reef.

+ Best seller world wide.

+ What did the Pacific Ocean say to the South Sea? Nothing, it just waved!

- Doesn't come seeded with bacteria.

- Some scapes will benefit from combining with branch style bits.

- If you put yourself in the box and write return to sender on it, you won't wake up in the Caribbean. Still, Browns Plains is nice this time of year :)

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