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Hi there.

In the past three-four weeks I have lost about 9 Kuhli loaches , 3 yoyo loaches, 6 guppies

2 bristlenose commons and a bumblebee gobbie.

My setup is a four foot tank with a narrow 3 foot sump underneath.

Water quality is good according to the test kits (liquid not strips)

I do a partial water change weekly and temp sits around 25 or so degrees depending on the time of day.

My sump media consists of K1 media, marinepure spheres,ceramic noodles,lava rock,Japanese matt and fine filter padding.

The fish are fed Sera veggie flakes, algae wafers and zucchini and cucumber.

I did only upgrade from a canistor filter to the sump about 6 weeks ago and someone made a suggestion that

the sump is perhaps too clean?

Can anyone please help me?




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Check the heater and the pump. If either is throwing current it will de oxygenate the water real fast.

Thats if the parameters are all good and its not ammonia doing a number on them

Cucumber is a no no for bristlenose...... it eats their guts out

Throwing the media from the canister into the sump would have been best also. A ready made biological mass.

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You might have a little too much K1 on the chamber and does not look like it is tumbling too well, best to start with a smaller amount and gradually add to it to help with the tumbling - which is a side issue.

It was hard to tell but your BN's looked a little thin and a bit red around the gills. Any chance of a better photo of one of the BN's on the glass, up closer.

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I think the bristlenose have died from brawling amongst themselves, or from feeding on the corpses of the fish that died.

The main cause of deaths though is likely incorrect diet. Aside from the b/n the fish are all carnivores that do best on meaty frozen foods. The diet you had of dry veggie based foods just wasnt enough.

From what we have to go on, it seems most likely cause.

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On your first post there are three photo's and the one on the bottom you can see the BN munching on something - that is not a test strip is it?

Test kits can only test for so many things - perhaps some carbon might help while you are having some issues. There can be other things in the water - we talking tap water, rain water?

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