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Sick of being a fish killing n00b?

Want to know wth is going on, without having to ask someone else?

Ready to enter the ranks of the chilled and rational guru caste?

To become your own fish keeper, free to make common sense moves and save the day?

All the cool kids are getting API freshwater master test kits!


+ Easy to use.

+ Cheap.

+ Excellent tool for problem solving.

+ Helps confirm what you think is happening in the aquarium.

+ Trains you to understand water chemistry.

+ Easily calculate a water change regime that keeps optimal water conditions with minimal effort.

+ Answers the questions How soon can I add fish? accurately.

+ Record results + date = trend data. This allows you to solve more complex and subtle issues mathematically.

+ Lets you log and record conditions present during tricky spawning. Helps you duplicate them to trigger spawns in future.

+ Helps give your fish the great water they crave.

+ Lets you correct things you are doing which are not creating optimal conditions.

+ Lets you confirm filters are doing the job adequately.

- Really should record tests to get best value from the kit.

- Nitrate bottles need a proper shake first.

- A boring investment in the hobby.

- Every time a master kit is sold, a n00b dies and an aquarium operator is born!


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