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Tech Den Xmas Special - Macropore.

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Tech Den Xmas Special Number 4!- I can see clearly now the tannin's gone!!!

Macropore WAS $42.49- NOW $32.95!!!!

One of the most useful products you could add to any type of filtration set-up. Macropore is a Macro-porous Synthetic Polymer resin that polishes aquarium water and removes nitrogenous waste. Nitrogenous waste in a tank will be broken down into Nitrite and then Nitrate. Using Macropore to remove the nitrogenous waste that breaks down into nitrite and nitrate means that your fish will have a better living environment.

Macropore will also raise the redox potential without effecting the beneficial trace element levels in your aquarium. For use in both fresh and salt water aquariums. This product is re-chargeable!!!! Click on the link below to grab a bargain today!!!


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