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Mighty fine mechanical.

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Mechanical filtration is often overlooked.

People focus on biological filtration due to its importance to fish health.

And they focus on chemical filtration because its so very tech to talk about.

Mechanical is important too!

Its the fine white line that marks the difference between crystal water, and water with lots of floatys in it.

While we sell more of the 1 metre sheets of filter mat, there is another smaller option that is worth pointing out.

This finer option is sold in a 600mm x 450mm x 6mm sheet and is easily cut to fit most size filters.


+ Only $5.

+ Can be cleaned out more times without falling apart than other white pads.

+ Helps clear a new tank very rapidly, even faster if used with a floc like accuclear.

+ Can be used inside filters or wrapped around outside of power heads.

+ Ideal as the top prefilter layer for sumps and "on the top" style filters.

- Because its so fine and grabs so much, it will rapidly clog in canister filters and reduce flow rate.

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