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New to the forums and saying hi to everyone.

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Hi everyone. Have just joined the forum and thought I'd say hello. Am based in Townsville and am just getting back into fish after being forced to say goodbye to my tanks when I had to change towns. At the moment it's just the two tanks, an 80L one and a 28L one. Larger tank is a general community tank with a few neons, a couple of bn's, some chilli rasboras, couple of blueeyes and an upside down catfish with a few red cherry shrimp wandering around. The 28L is my shrimp tank with around 20 yellow cherry shrimp in it, a couple of chilli rasboras and an upside down catfish. I thought I was done with tanks but I'm really enjoying the smaller tanks, more so than I thought I would.


One of my yellows out for a stroll.

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