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F/S - Used Cannister Filter - SOLD

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I have a used cannister filter for sale. It came with a setup that I recently acquired and I haven't used it as it is surplus to my needs (I have seen it in operation though).

It's a Via Aqua 750 Cannister filter, and according to the box, runs at 1200lph. I have the box which has instructions for setup and operation. It also has all necessary tubing and media.

I am looking for $55 for it. If you come and collect before thrusday night you can have it for $45.

I am located north of brissy and don't have the tiime to ship it, however I am driving down to Tweed on Friday and could drop it off somewhere along the M1 if someone from the south side is interested in it.



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Just got the new price list :lol:

These are the deals i can do on the M2 memory card, rembering they are more expensive then the T-flash and that i only sell sandisk quality ones.

1GB $35

2GB $50

4GB $80

Just let me know if you would like one and i will specialy order stock for you so i dont have to sell store stock, which i cant do normally that cheap.


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