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WTB small tanks - 36x22x26cm

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*bump again*

For brevity's sake, I'm well aware a 36x22x26cm tank is the same as an Aqua One "Splish & Splash" tank, which retails for around $50 with lid, a hang on filter, water conditioner, fish food, coloured gravel, & an artificial plant...I'm just hunting the tanks, & nothing more.

To previous respondents:- with all due respect, I'm aware these tanks retail new for about $50, with all the above associated goodies...& no, your 18 month old tank & crapped out hob filter is not worth $75...or $50 last offer!

If anyone has one or more of these, am more than happy to buy for $15 per tank...might even go $20 each if on the northside :eyebrows:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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