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WTB: Vallisneria Plants. any type, various types

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WTB Vallisneria.

Not particular on type just looking for ones that require minimum attention & should grow almost 2ft tall.

Happy to have plants posted if required, can pick up locally (not too far).

Post here or PM if you have some available.

Cheers, Craig.

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Meh I care not [MENTION=204]mbunamad[/MENTION]andcrankyoldman, but I do appreciate the heads up in a round about way.

[MENTION=11265]itsme007[/MENTION] those plants look nice, will they thrive on neglect, a garage flouro light & a fair amount of nitrate?

[MENTION=6434]bluebelle[/MENTION] I have not grown or kept any before apart from some that just kept growing in an old tank of mine. Im looking for something that I can plant, walk away & have it take over....

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It comes down to trying and see what works. My tanks are rainwater only, soft/acidic, ph 6.5,

gravel substrate, t8 lights.

I've tried and failed to grow the twisted one, it just melts away. I had one gigantea, it took over a 6' tank,

leaves up to 3m long, had to throw it out. That might be the one for you, if you can get hold of one.

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