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Mischlings Crystal Red Shrimp A/S Grade

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Price: $7

Size: 10mm

Sex: Unknown

Suburb/Town: Mackay QLD

I have for sale some Crystal Red Shrimp Mischlings A/S Grade

The price is 10 for $70 (or $7 each)


These come form my Mischlings tanks and a small number of there siblings are Panda,Red Wine and Blue Bolt shrimp

A lot of there siblings are higher grade SS and SSS you see some of the high grade shrimp in the photos with the A/S grade shrimp (Note only the A/S grade are the ones for sale)

They will be unsexed juveniles at about 10mm long

Postage is $20 Express Post with Kordon breather bags and in a Styrofoam box

If you need any more info send me a PM


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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