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siamese flying foxes

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I am wondering if anyone can help me with some fish confusion. I spend time hunting down some siamese flying foxes for me tank. I brought a few different fish from different places that after research where not the right fish, all taken back of cause.

I eventually found some that to me looked like the real deal. I brought three and when I was leaving I looked at them and notice one was different. I asked at the shop and the lady told me that they are all real siamese flying foxes. She said that there are a few different sub species of them. Ok, I accepted that, as they didn't look much different except one have a gold colored line on it.

Over time I have notice the odd one out acts different to the other 2. I did more research again..... And this is what I came up with:

(these are pic of the net, look just like the fish in question)

The odd one out:

Epalzeorhynchus kallopterus


The other 2:

Crossocheilus siamensis


I was wondering what I should do with the odd one out. They are suppose to get more aggressive as they grow.

Would the "Epalzeorhynchus kallopterus" be ok is a cichlid tank? I don't really want an aggressive fish in the small community tank.



On another note: Some pet shop/fish shops are annoying when they sell fish and don't really know what they are selling. gumble gumble :x

But then, it's not always their fault. But it makes it hard on young hobbyists trying to learn.

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I don't think they would take it back now, I have had it about a month. I do plan to drop in there in the next couple of days and let them know they are selling the wrong fish.

It's a nice looking fish so I don't mind keeping it, if it will be ok with other fish. I have just setup a display with some cichlid juvi's so I might put it in there and see what happens.

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