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Frontosa *conditions apply*

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Cichlid Type: African CichlidPrice: $0Size: 15-20cmSex: MaleSuburb/Town: Sunshine CoastSo I'm doing a big clean/re-scape of my Burundi Frontosa tank over the Christmas break and it's getting a bit crowded in there so time to make it a little more comfortable for everyone.

Basically i would be much happier knowing they are going to a nice tank where they will be looked after, as opposed to taking them to the LFS and someone buys them to chuck in their 4 foot tank with a 2 foot Oscar to chase them around.

Their is definately 2 males 15-20cm, maybe another, possibly a female or two, just depends on when I get everything out of the tank and can do a head count.

Now the conditions, like I said I want these guys to go to someone who will appreciate them. Must be an African setup, bigger the tank the better! I will deliver (within reason, I'm on the sunny coast so no south side brissy etc) to make sure your not just telling me what I want to hear to get some free fish :).

Im thinking of doing the clean up on the 30th so if you feel you have the appropriate setup and are keen to give a couple of a fronnies a good home then please get in touch. I'm not on here very much but will check when I can and get back to everyone as soon as possible.


JamesOn a side note I'm looking for some cyprichromis leptosoma's of any variety so if anyone can help out with that it would be much appreciated.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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