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Special Thank You to John at Tech Den.

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The best most helpful customer service I have come across in a long time.

Thanks to John for replacing the T8 tube in my Juwel 60 tank with a LED.

Now I don't have to wait months for a replacement tube (which don't seem

to be imported very often anyway) The LED fits into the slot where the tube

was, so I can still use the hood.

Many thanks to all the team at Tech Den,, you are all awesome.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.


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Happy to do what we could for you Sue. You were very helpful too, what you may not have known was that you were helping people in your same predicament. When I took a photo of it I sent that off to our Rep so they are now aware should someone else need a replacement light while they do not have stock. I also sent it to the Australian Distributor for the Aquael light to add the two Jewel tanks to the list of tanks that the LED light can be retro fitted into the T8 fitting without altering the hood in any way. At the time we were evaluating the light, on if we should carry it as line, thanks as it will be line that we will be carrying as it is obviously needed in resolving issues like you came across in addition to being a stand alone LED light. So thank you and Merry Christmas too.


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