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Problem:- Shrimp, Khuli Loaches and other fish staying near the surface.

I have just done water changes on all five tank but two of the tanks seem to be having an issue. I first noticed it in my 75lt (2ft), one of the khuli loaches was upside down on a leaf high in the water breathing fast. Then I notice approx half of the cherry shrimp in the same tank were sitting at the surface.

I checked all the other tanks and the only other tank having any issue (exact same issue) is my little 20lt fighter tank that has cherry shrimp and a couple of khuli's in it.

The ONLY difference between these two tanks and the other three is that I added a Tetra Weekend feeder block and an Ammo Block to the tank as we will be away and the build of the tanks doesn't allow an auto fish feeder.

I am using rain water (always have) and still treat it with fraction or easy life, depending what's on hand.

Could the weekend feeder have put something into the water? I quickly put some more fraction into the water to be safe and the khuli is now nowhere to be seen. However the cherry shrimp are all still at the surface. The khuli's I can see seem to be still breathing fast.

I've used these weekend feeders many times in the past without any problems...why now? :(

ETA - I have removed the weekend feeders and ammo blocks. There is nothing more I can do I guess I will see in the morning...

The 20ltr tank - the filter waterfalls into the tank

The 75 ltr- the filter pushes into the water from beneath the filter and sucks some air through at the same time creating bubbles. To be safe I've added an air stone tonight.

Ph:- 6.4

Ammonia:- 0

Nitrate:- 20

Nitrite:- 0



Size of tank:- 75ltr & 20ltr

Temperature °C:- 28 deg C

Been running for:- several years

Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Both are Blue Planet with the built in top filter. Both are running sponges and clay balls. No carbon.

Fish in tank:- 75ltr Baby Mollies, cherry shrimp, khuli loaches & two albino Pleco's

20ltr Crown tail betta, cherry shrimp & khuli loaches

Plants in Tank:- Anubias, sword and moss

Feeding:- fed once a day 75ltr small amount of flake for the mollies and 1 x hikari algae wafers and 3 x sinking wafers

Betta fed twice a day - small amount of hikari fighter pellets - rest once a day 3-5 hikari sinking wafers

Recent Medication Treatments:- NIL

Last water change:- Today

Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly - Fortnightly mostly - rain water tank

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It could be something in the rainwater or a lack of oxygen in them tanks.

What was the temp of the tank and the water used for waterchanges?

Has anything about your water storage changed?

What did you use this time fraction or easylife?

I'm thinking that the reason for the shrimp and loaches showing bad signs is because they are both a little more fragile than other fish.

Cheers mick

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Thanks Mick! Water storage is the same as its always been. There is the possibility that something new May have come off the roof though. I've been here 17 years and have the occasional rain water issue. I just didn't click it could be that since the other tanks appear fine.

The temp of the water was only approx 1-2 deg different, the hot day and pipes heated it for me. :) I used easylife to start but when I notice the problem I dosed all with fraction.

Tanks both look normal again this morning. I even have a few shrimp that have shed overnight. Can't see the sick khuli so hopefully he's just hiding in the rocks. The other khuli's I can see are breathing normal again.

Going to try to add the weekend feeders again and see if there are any changes.

Thanks for your help!

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