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Breeder Feeder Guppies or Shrimp

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The fronts I had listed as swap on the trader We have decided to hang onto the for variety in our tanks. They have been bugging me with their feeding habits or rather lack there of. I have decided to breed some feeders for them to compliment their diet and natural hunting natures. What is the best live feeder I can give them? They are on hikari cichlid gold pellets 4 days a week, and frozen brine shrimp and or frozen cichlid mix 2 days and a starv day once a week.

Ive read mixed reports on the dos and donts of feeders for frontosa and especially buying commercially bred feeders (although I'll admit I've been lucky with never having a problem feeding farmed feeder gold fish to the Jack and barras) and want to be as safe as I can by breeding them myself for the fronnies... What's a good feeder type for optimal nutrition and stimulation for their hunting natures? Where can I get them from? And how many/how often should the fronnies be given access to them?

cheers guys

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