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Aquascape Tank || Opinions, Suggestions.

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Hey there Fish Friends,

Just started a scape, but not 100% happy with it quite yet.

Plans so far are to remove sand and add more soil. Currently using Eco-Complete and liquid ferts.

with new soil, i will have grasshair carpet the whole front and right side of tank.

but the left side where driftwood is looks a tad bland IMO.

was thinking of adding rotala rotundifolia in the very left corner and maybe some behind the big driftwood? Opinions on that or any plants that could look good? would love to hear suggestions :)

wanting to fill it up more.

Note: Waiting for new impeller for canister, thus the internal is there.

Sorry for having too much to read!



Cheers, Kev.


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You could use some stem plants toward the back, like perhaps Wisteria and pink baby tears (Bacopa floribunda) to break up the green.

Edit: on a side note I hope those little fishermen don't drown, ;)

Exaclty! was thinking something with a tint of red/purple would be lovely.

Thanks for your response :)

Those are fisherman mermaids. ;)

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Few options.

Adding co2 would be my first preferance.

Cutting lights right back my second.

Water changing to reset fertz my third.

Dosing glut my fourth.

Thanks Donny. Will deffs be cutting lights back. Also considering Co2.

Also, never heard of glut before! Could you enlighten me?


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never use fert in a new tank, coz there is a high risk of having excess and you get algaes. Do 80% water change and cut back lighting hours to reduce algae load. Persistant algae growth can be remove by culling the infested parts of plants or treating the plant with diluted hydrogen peroxide for 5 minutes (available in pharmacies)

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Lovely looking tank.

I'd put a tall plant up the back on the right hand side. :)

Thanks [MENTION=15530]Netto14[/MENTION] but unfortunately, the tank has had a rescape awhile back. got rid of the drift wood and added rocks and lots more plants :) think im going for a thick planted tank instead of a minimalist scape :) hopefully all turns out well :)

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Sorry, just realised the date on your original post [MENTION=17119]inkevnito[/MENTION]

Look forward to seeing pics of how it's going. :)

hahaha thats okay! got some plants in but waiting for new lighting for lush growth :) so no updates for now :) its a surprise!

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UPDATE: 4 Months from fresh rescape.

Stayed low tech until about a week ago.

Just your usual plants, Rotalas for background. Moss covered driftwood tunnel. Pearlweed carpet. I LOVE A GOOD SALAD.

Just upgraded to higher par lighting and co2.

Planning on buying dry ferts. would anyone know where i could find some?

Any tips and help welcome! :)

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