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Is it algae? and good or bad?

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Hi all,

I have a lot of dark coloured lava rock that in the last 2 years of chiclid tank ownership has been steadily getting more and more organic material on it. Please see photos. I have a 4 foot tank, that has an external cannister filter with UV light. 1/3 tank level water changes weekly.....with full filter clean monthly (maintaining the sponges/ ceramic media in water from the fish tank at all times) Fish get fed once a day with a super premium chiclid flake, light (blue and white are turned on for 5 hrs a day and the tank gets no direct sunlight. Was wondering...

1. Is this algae?

2. Is this a bad thing, should I be taking steps to get rid of this?

3. If I do need to get rid of it....what's the best way to go about it.

Thanks so much in advance




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black beard, unsitely to some, algae will help to remove nutrients from water reducing nitrate level, if you like the look of it, leave it, you can use (NO MORE BLACKBEARD)

to kill it, also can be killed by spot dosing with glutaldahyde, you would probably have to remove all fish and bomb tank with glut. in your case.

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Google pics of lack Malawi. Thats what it looks like. So if fish health is priority 1, then all is well.

Your lava rock is now mature with microbes. It will be helping reduce nitrates. A side effect tho is that nutrient leach from rocks into water creates an ideal location for algael matts.

You could add some large siamese flying foxes to eat it.

Its not going to hurt any fish. I would only kill if you hate the look.

Personally as it is now, I think the tank looks amazing.

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ive been told that BBA loves blue light, not sure if you can cut the blue light out but that is what i have done with my LEDs and am now waiting to see if it starts to control the BBA

full filter clean monthly? ive had my canister filter for 6 months and just done my first clean 2 weeks ago. still had very good water flow but decided to add 2 litres of marine pure to it.

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