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Suggestions for Angel fish pellet food

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Just after people's opinions on a good pellet food for sub adult angles. Currently they eat a mix of frozen blood worms, freeze dries black worms, tetra bits and ocean nutrition flake. I am looking for something else to add to the mix to put in the auto feeder. Ideally I am looking for something similar in pellet size to the tetra bits seems anything smaller and they ignore it and their mouth can not take anything bigger just yet.

I have tried some of the discus specific pellets and they refuse to eat it think it is a texture thing pellets that stay hard and sink tend to get left so pellets need to be floating/slow sinking kind. Flake on the other hand they gobble down just not auto feeder friendly.

Has anyone had success with angels and a floating or semi floating pellet type food should love to hear some recommendations.

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