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My attempt to build a sand waterfall.

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My daughter showed me sand waterfall/fountains on Youtube recently so I decided to have a crack at making one.


1 mm sand. [ MUST be 1mm ]

I used pool filter sand.

25 mm pvc pipe.

2 of 25 mm elbows.

1 airstone.

Airpump and 4 mm airline.

Half a brain.

So I drilled a hole for the airline in the rear of the pvc and a hole in the top elbow to allow air bubbles to escape.

Now I need to fine tune it to keep the sand falling directly in front of the bottom elbow otherwise there is no sand at the inlet. I will cut the top elbow shorter to hopefully fix this.

To be continued.......maybe


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Sounds great bud. Have you tried making bubbler rate slower? Less powerful = less sand movement

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Yes [MENTION=17119]inkevnito[/MENTION]undertheradar I tried with less bubbles but then I don't have much sand getting sucked up.

I am aiming to have a heavy sand fall effect.

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