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WTB . Kessil A150WE Amazon Sun

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Condition: Used Price: around $200 Willing To Ship: No location: Redcliffe QLD I have a Kessil A150 Amazon sun and I am looking for a second one .

These lights are discontinued and can no longer be purchased new .

I am willing to drive a fair way to get one if the deal is good

Pm or post here if you have one for sale .

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Woa thats tempting.

I wouldn't be able for a week tho.

Need to get me a replacement.

I was a bit surprised that 1 Amazon Sun was not enough to light a 24x18x24 .

About 2 inches of my Hair grass has died off - it just stops growing at the end of the bright light circle .

here is a pick of what I am talking about


your inbox is full


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Hmmmm..... 2 on a tank that size does sound like overkill.

I mean I support overkill.

But yea..... I also seem to murder any hair grass I buy.

Not overkill when 1 just is not doing the job !

I think the 2ft depth is a large part of the issue plus I am growing high light plants at that depth - if the tank was 20 inches long the light would cover even at the 2ft depth but it just falls slightly short .

And you inbox is still full - been trying to pm you re a kessil for sale

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