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Tech Den Christmas Eve Special - Fluval Sea Nano Marine and Reef Performance LIght

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Fluval Sea Nano Marine and Reef Performance LED Light.

WAS $179.00 - NOW - $89.00!!!! That's 50% off!!!

This stock is very limited so get in quick if you would like to take advantage of this crazy offer. This light provides a balanced combination of multiple LEDs for optimal photosynthetic activity, coral growth and accurate viewing of your aquarium fish and its aquatic environment.

Under the sea

Under the sea

When the sardine

Begin the beguine

It's music to me

What do they got? A lot of sand

We got a hot crustacean band

Each little clam here

Know how to jam here

Under the sea............

Click on the link below to head on over to our website to get a Christmas Eve bargain!!!


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