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First doesnt look that aquatic.... second one might be Staurogyne sp "Porto Velho"

The first one might be part of the ludwigia family or atleast similar to a few.. the second one might also be the one you mentioned! Also the one [MENTION=9288]buck[/MENTION] mentions comes close to it also! Both look great so I guess its whichever I can get my hands on! Hahaha


Maybe for the first one or one of the or one of the ALTERNANTHERA REINECKII's?

Staurogyne reopens would be my guess for the second one


Yes, seems like they do look like what you linked me!

Also, would you guys or anyone know the best place with the best variety of aquatic plants?


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Well the ahem, best is currently doing the holiday break thing..... buuuut if you are after the next best lol.... go say hello to Aggie at pet city. She knows her plants.

Sorry Donny, dont quite understand or know what you mean by ahem. Tried googling it. Nothing came up hahahaha

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I was trying to be humble but I am terrible at it.


Its like my only weakness, well...... apart from bullets.

Can usually order from like 4 different plant suppliers and we are basically neighbors. If you were one house closer you would prob be complaining about the floods that happen whenever I water change :D

Didn't want to turn your thread into a sales thread but yea we can often help track down the more obscure ones.

Most the sponsors sell plants. You could also put up a wtb thread in fs section. Good thing about stems is that plant people need to trim often so usually have some to sell every few weeks.

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