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taiwanese blue endlers

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Price: 30

Size: 2 -3 cm

Quantity: 3

Sex: Mixed

Suburb/Town: Highland Park

Well while Santa was raiding our frig.. my taiwanese blue endler males coloured up. They take longer than the others ...and I found 3 virgin female's I selected turn into blue males ..

Couldnt find any interesting information on these rare endlers .. these breed true never had any differences not even an Albino form

As endlers go they are very easy to look after and don't eat as much as guppies.

My conditions

-55 litre cube tank (location on the kitchen bench due to there amazing colour)

-28C temperatures

-filtered tap water

-easy-life all natural products

-a endless supply of wholesome foods from the photo.

Mb 0404901196 Robert

Texting is easier as I'm a man on the move

Express post/packaging $20

Trio taiwanese blue endlers $30

mb 0404901196 Robert





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