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Hi guys! total beginner here!

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Hey guys

I've just got my first 4ft tank, it's currently cycling

Any tips?

Also places to buy yellow tangs and blue surgeon fish cheap?

Also does anyone have any spare live rock for sale?

I need about another 3kgs.

I'm in morayfield

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My advice with marine is.

Read lots meaning read 5-10 peoples experience with each thing you want to do, only believe parts of what you read.

Be patient, nothing good in marine happens fast but bad things do happen fast.

Buy quality equipment from the start or you will end up buying it twice.

Buy good quality test kits, for starters you will need ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, Kh, ph, calcium, magnesium and phosphate. Red sea and salifert are good for most. Hanna checkers are the best

What sort of tank are you setting up, Fish only or reef?

What sort of filtration?

What sort of lighting?

If you have only just started cycling it will be at least a month before you can add anything so have a look around at livestock and get advice.

The best start for quality information are age of aquariums, the Tech den and nielsons marine mates.

Be prepared to fail at least once and learn from it.

Enjoy the hobby and welcome to the forum.

Cheers mick

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