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Gday all! I thought I would share my experience over the last couple of weeks with one of my Rainbows (not sure what species?).

I noticed it had a big sore on its upper lip, looked like a human coldsore.

After asking on a couple of facebook pages and the only real answers I got was that it was mouth rot and the fish was cactus.

I didnt want to give up on him, coz hes pretty cool so I figured a salt bath wouldnt do him any harm.

I removed him from the display tank and put him in a bucket of tank water with an airstone. I added about half a teaspoon on sea salt to about 5L of water.

I did a water change every day, added fresh salt and did NOT feed him while in the bucket.

After 5 days of this, he is looking alot better. His mouth is still a little red but I think hes doing well.

Here are some before and after photos. (First 5 are the BEFORE photos)







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Are those bows DIY wild caught ?

Not personally. I got them in a trade for some plants but I suspect the guy I hot them off did. He was a bit dodgy when I asked where he got them. He said a mate up near Cairns, but I think he meant to say a creek up near Cairns

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