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Fry of Ornate Rainbowfish

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Price: free

Size: 2-3mm

Quantity: 20+

Sex: Mixed

Suburb/Town: Kallangur



Free only to people who have the ability to raise fry, or have an established pond waiting for fish

excellent native fish for ponds and mosquito control, Will multiply well in a single species pond

PM or email me

teewahrhad6.jpg hjlhj2sq.jpg

Teewah creek and Noosa river

I have some teewah creek fish growing out so around late feb or march I will have 10-20mm juveniles for sale taking flake food and ready for tank life

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ok that is about 10 people wanting some 8 of which had no idea.

these fish are fry! that means newly hatched, they do not take flake food yet, and need live micro food, you need to have experience to raise these fish, other fish will eat them

please be sure you can do this before contacting me

the teewah creek rhads are gone already

I'm just about to restock my 200L tank (only 1 cardinal and hundreds of RCS) and was looking to have some rainbows again. If I can get a few of these that'd be awesome. In Wishart and on holidays for a few weeks. Cheers.

will have larger ones for sale in a month or 2 ready for a tank

can i grab some please ^_^

Still some Noosa river fry left

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are the Noosa River fry on crushed flake yet? i have "cyclops" baby fish food but its frozen you said they take live would they take frozen? if not i may need to wait till you have some bigger ones ^_^ thanks [MENTION=4136]rainbowrunner[/MENTION]

give it a month or 2 Ill have larger ones

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