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Grow you own live food?

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It is indeed expensive. I guess it is just an idea for those who are game enough to grow and eat mealworms as food, and also require live food for their fish. Two birds with one stone. :)

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My mealworm farm looks surprisingly just like that one by sheer co-incidence. I sieve and move the beetles out once a fortnight to reduce predation of eggs and keep uniform worm size batches. Using starter crumble instead of rolled oats allows easier sorting. A twig of fresh bay leaf to reduce coddler moth infestation and less carrot/humidity to control mites.

I am also on a worldwide live food email list. Mealworms are being eaten quite a lot by humans as it's a great source of protein. Some very hard core farms on huge scale being used. Most use a garbage bag laid flat as the holding container. These are able to be stacked, racked and moved around efficiently. A single bag can produce almost 2 kilo of worms quite fast.





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