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Hi from north brisbane (and request for recommendations)

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Hi all,

Happy new year guys!

I am not a robot. My partner and I have decided to keep some fish here in brisbane. I have kept aquatic animals (fish/amphibians) for awhile back in another tropical country so I am quite familiar with the basics of this hobby. However I need some help picking out a fish (or a few) that is extremely hardy and low maintenance. We are committed to caring for the fishes but would like to avoid extra steps that we may stuff up along the way (partner will be very upset if they die). We are not partial to the looks but it would be an added bonus if they were colorful/cute/not-too-small-or-large. We intend to be getting a small tank so any fish that are happy in groups of <5 would be fine. If there are a few choices among the recommendations we do not mind getting a couple species.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered! Looking forward to more interaction on this forum in the future.

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Welcome lolbbq :) The first fish that comes to mind is goldfish, there are quite a few different types these days and always a treat to watch. If you are wanting something a little different endler guppies or cherry shrimp are great also.

Im fairly new to the hobby myself and sorry i cant be more specific as i have only big American cichlids and tanks but hope you find the perfect little fishy friends for you and your partner to enjoy

Best of luck and hope to see pics soon :)

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Any kind of tetra is great, some are a little fussy with water parameters though other than that they match your description but they need to be in schools of 6 or more, they are generally colourful and get no larger than 6cm also non aggressive, my pet shop sells neon tetra's at $6 for 10 but there are heaps more than that.

Also Bristlenose are alright but they poop a bit and males can be a little ugly but they are very hardy and'll eat all the algae that may grow and unbeaten fish food.

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Thanks for all the responses!

The tanks I am looking at range between 17 to 60 Litres. Looking at the sizes and logistics, I am leaning more towards the <30 litre sized tanks.

I do not mind getting tetras at all, they do look nice and are relatively easy to keep (I have kept common fish like platies, tetras, angels etc.).

Would they require heating or specially conditioned water (beyond the usual ageing)? - I would prefer fish that did not =)

I am quite taken by the cichlid's colours and looks. Unfortunately they seem to require quite a bit of maintenance.

A Bristlenose is definitely on the list, considering how hardy they are, might even look at putting together a breeding pair.

How essential is a thermostat for brisbane's climate?

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Welcome [MENTION=17199]lolbbq[/MENTION]

With how hot it's been lately in Brisbane, you could get away without a heater for a while. But in winter, I'd recommend that you get one (so the fish don't become stressed).

If you're looking for fish that don't require any heating I suggest Goldfish or an Axolotl. However an axolotl should not be kept with other fish that will nip at it's gills and they can become stressed in hotter weather.

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