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African Breeding Colonies

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Cichlid Type: African CichlidPrice: VariesSize: VariesSex: MixedSuburb/Town: Rochedale SouthI am having trouble keeping up with the amount of fry these guys are producing so I am downsizing my colonies and these fish need to find a new home.

Electric Blue Breeding Colony

1M 7F, Up to 12cm in size. Nice quality Blues (as per pictures) I am getting 20+ Fry per mouthful and always have at least two mouthfuls in the tank at any given time.

8 fish $100

Electric Yellow Females or Colony

5F, Up to 7cm in size. Quality yellows and always breeding. These are definite females, all have held previously.

5 Fish $60 or I can include one of Doug's Electric Yellows Males for an extra $20

Eureka Red Peacock Colony

Looks to be 6F 6M, ~ 5-7cm, These fish have just started breeding (looks to be a mouthful or two there now) so plenty of years of breeding ahead.

12 Fish $75

Fish will be available from Friday 8th January and Inspection is welcome in Rochedale South from this Date.

Will do a better deal on the lot.

Thanks for Looking






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