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Incubating goby eggs day 6

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This is the first time I've done this with the goby eggs but I've successfully hatched red cherry shrimp using a DIY setup that worked out ok I'm just wondering what to do when they hatch.


If you can see the bubbles pull the water past the eggs and pull them to the top of the incubator so once they hatch will they be free swimming enough to swim down? Or what should I do?

I was thinking options:

1. Turn the bubbles off completely and maybe just turn them on from time to time.

2. If they can free swim take the bottom off the incubator so they can get out.

3. Leave it as is and just release them one by one as they hatch

Basically I tried to relocate the male bumblebee goby with the shell he was guarding the eggs in.

The male is back in the main tank and they look ready to spawn again so next time I might just leave them to their devices.

Whilst moving the shell I noticed some unattached eggs then after moving into the hatching tank the male goby completely ignored the eggshells.

A few hours later I got out the dropped sucked all the eggs up and put them in the incubator.

So now we are at day 6 and yesterday I started to notice little eyes on some of the eggs so they are obviously developing.

From what I read they should hatch any day now.

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