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Live food/ cultures help

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Two easiest ones down where you live would be mosquito larvae and sand fly/midge larvae (bloodworms). I have found blood worms do best in old brine shrimp culture water.

The other good one for dwarf cichlids would be daphnia. I have struggled with daphnia, but I didn't research them enough before keeping them. The secret is to have three green water cultures on the go.

Practically speaking, I would be happy enough with live mosquito larvae and bloodworms. Combine with freeze dried blackworms, frozen brineshrimp and a good pellet. For a pellet, I like Artison's Betta Pro. It's a small floating pellet, full of protein, and bettas have a very similar diet dwarf cichlids. My other pellet of choice would be Ocean Nutritions Discus Pellet, but you would need to crumble them up to make them smaller, which is easily done.

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