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Hey All,

I've had heaps of troubles with achieving CO2 concentration within my 3x2x2 Tank. Using a drop checker I can get the correct concentration but the bubble counter is going to fast (7+ bps) to count and I go through a 2.6kg cylinder in a month or two which seems rather quick from my understanding of how long they should last. After going through 3 cylinders worth and because the tank wasnt at home I wasnt noticing it go empty for a week i decided it would be better to stop rather then the up/down of pH etc as the CO2 ran out every few weeks.

I had been using a cheapie ISTA co2 reactor with the supplied line (which i suspect is silicone which could be a big part of the problem). As such I was going to completely overhaul the CO2 system looking at a new reactor and I couldn't decide between going for a Serra version of the ISTA style which I hear is good.

The other option I noticed was the UP Aqua In-Line Atomiser

and I was wondering how people had gone with it and how it compares to the Serra.

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