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From 18 to 60 litres!

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So 2 months ago, I assembled my first tank in 3 years, I went a bit trigger happy with the decor but I otherwise was extremely happy with what I had scrounged up from my collection, all I bought was the fish so it cost me next to nothing. But the one thing I craved a little more was some space for my tetras and a tank to support some Corydoras, my friend offered me his 2 foot when I mentioned I would like a bigger tank, so this is what came of it.

The only thing I have purchased other than the fish for this tank was the 2 pieces of timber and an Ambulia live plant. Everything else I already had from years ago. I am extremely happy with how this turned out and can't thank my mate enough for sending his 2 foot my way.

In memory of 18 litre: You were my first ever tank and have served me well more than once, hopefully once again in the future.


Ps: The purple/red light bulb in this picture burned out and was replaced by a white/daylight bulb, and was also taken by a phone and is not at all an accurate colour representation whereas the tank video was taken with a DSLR and looks extremely similar in person on my monitor. :behindsofa:

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