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6mm glass lids

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cheers for the heads up digger , well aware they can be broken but just hoping for not as easy of a break , kinda more just the weight difference too help also as the fancy lids make my life easy but when jumpy fish hit them and being only 4mm currently they simply slide themselves open and then 1 more jump and its bye bye fishy pet unless I just so happen too be around when this occur's ya know what i mean lol.

Perhaps I somehow get a 10-12mm rear lids and just get myself the 6mm lids upfront for the simple fact of still using the slide function even though it will be sliding glass ontop of glass ?

Anyone have any sweet alternative's , need tough lids too hold down 60cm+ jumpy fish and still allow my lighting too do its job properly .... I know right, should be a simple fix.

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