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The Team here at AOA wish you all a Safe and Happy Easter.

We are happy to offer 20% off all of our discus range for the Easter Weekend, all orders from this special will receive a free Worm cone feeder and Tetramin Tropical Granules 100gm.

This sale will include the following products

Continuum Discus Elements T 250ml and 500ml

Continuum Blackwater Extract 250ml and 500ml

Continuum Bio Viv F 250ml and 500ml

Continuum Flora Viv GH+ 250gm and 500gm

Continuum Flora Viv KH+ 250gm and 500gm

Continuum Reconstitute RO 250gm and 500gm

Aquasonic Amazon Extract 1L

Natural Miracle Leaf

Tetra Colour Bits 300gm

Sera Discus Pellets 480gm and 4.2kg

Ocean Free Discus DS-G1 all sizes

Ocean Nutrition Discus Flake all sizes

Ocean Nutrition Discus Pellets all sizes

Prodac Freeze dried Bloodworms

Prodac Freeze dried Tubifex

Nutrafin Discus Pellets 175gm

Up Aqua Breeding Cones

Back To Nature Guide – Discus

Trophy Discus – Book

Aqua Care Discus Catalogue

To Claim This offer please mention Discus20% in the shipping instructions.


Josh, Terri, Dean and the Team

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