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Not long now to the Club's Inaugural Auction.

WHERE: at the Caboolture Memorial Hall

King St Caboolture (across the road from the shopping center)

8th September fish in at 4pm auction starts at 5pm

UBD 47 ref R20

Seller's Commission fee 15%.

Fish that should be availiable at the auction:

Native fish,




American Cichlids,

Even Dry goods,

maybe even some fish tanks.

HUGE Raffle for the night.

Multiple prizes for the raffle.

So see you there.



And if you have any fish you want to sell bring them along

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Fish in from 4.00 p.m.

Auction starts at 5.00 p.m. and finished when all items have either been sold or passed in twice.

Commission Fee of 15% of all sales, normally 20%.

All items are offered up for sale with the highest bidder becoming the purchaser. In the case of multiple lots the highest bidder has first choice then the second highest then the third highest then open to the floor.

Items that do not attract a bid equal or better than the reserve price will be passed in.

Bids for fish should start with minimum of $2.00 bids and dry goods or plants $1.00 minimum

Sellers can have a maximum of 60 lots.

As for fish and plants, sellers can sell up to 3 lots of any one variety up to a maximum of 10 lots of any one species. There is no limit on the number fish in a bag or on the number of bags in a lot.

Fish should be of a salable size approx 4cm Total length (from tip of nose to end of tail) unless a dwarf species of fish.

All fish should be in a healthy condition. If any dead fish are found in a bag then that entire lot will not be offered for sale.

No HYBRIDS will be accepted for sale with the exception of Discus

Fish should not have been fed for at least one preferably two day before bagging.

Any potted plants or gravel must be accompanied by a signed declaration in accordance with Government regulations regarding Fire ants.

All bags used for bagging fish MUST be clear and not opaque –do NOT use freezer bags – any fish not bagged in clear bags will not be accepted for auction.

All bags must be approx 1/3 water 2/3 air and sealed tightly – any fish not bagged properly will incur a charge for re-bagging at the least or be rejected from the sale at the worst

As for dry goods – sellers are allowed up to 5 lots of any one item.

All electrical goods must have a current safety tag or they will not be accepted for sale.

All sellers must produce some form if identification (drivers license etc) when putting fish in.

Sellers must report to the check in table to obtain auction forms , bag and box labels.

The bag labels should be attached to every bag offered for sale and the box labels to the outside of the sellers boxes for identification.

The bag labels have room on them for lot #, description, qty in bag and reserve price,

NOTE-: If you do not wish to put the reserve price on the bag, then you can just tick this box and write the reserve on the list.

All other boxes MUST be filled in by the seller.



| Lot # AC12 | Reserve $20 |


| Description | Qty 2 |

| Frontosa | female |


The box labels will have a sellers letter and # of boxes and MUST be filled in by the seller.



|Seller #AC | # of Boxes 2 / 4 |


It is recommended that sellers arrange box & lot numbers in sequence so that lot #1 is in box #1 etc.

Bags and or boxes not labeled correctly will be rejected until labels are corrected

The area where the lots are stored prior to sale is OFF LIMITS to everyone except the four authorized personnel for that auction. If for any reason a person requires anything from the back area they must approach one of the authorized personal to get it for them. NO ONE else will be allowed out the back area for any reason.

The auctioneer has the final say on any item offered for sale and if in the opinion of the auctioneer that an item should not be sold (for whatever reason) then it will be rejected.

The auctioneer has a responsibility to obtain the best price possibly for any item offered for sale but also has to ensure that the pace of the auction is not slowed prying bids out of the audience. Once a high bid is received it is once twice sold.

Auctioneers should NOT reveal the reserve price on any item but should use this as a guide to start the bidding.

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hi john i was asked a question the other night and i didnt have the answer for him .

if you sell stuff at the auction do you have to stay to the end or is the money available after your lots have sold or is the money just sent to the sellers after the night

i didnt know how it worked so i thought i would ask the question as i am sure there are a lot of people that might be interested in knowing how this side of the auction works for the sellers

thanks john

will see you on sat i hope


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Money is availiable for sellers as soon as we total up there sellers sheet throughout the night.

All sellers payed out on the night.

Don't forget the 15% comission charge on sellers...

Do hope you make it for a look Mark. :D

If anyone else has any questions don't hesitate to ask.



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