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tumbling fronny eggs

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ok i have taken the plunge

I have stripped my female fronny at around 6-7days she has held a couple times before, but i never got any fry.

i got 29 eggs with little heads and tails

ive never stripped this early before, i usually wait till they are free swimming with egg sacks, but i am confident 8O

I have adopted darrens (sealord1au) technique as he has much success.



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Next time, try tumbing eggs in a round bottomed wine glass within a tank with just a gentle stream of introduced water. Eggs should barely move and water can overflow the glass into a tank which recirculates water.

If you do keep your existing system, you can also breed some easy mouth brooders so you have head & tail wrigglers to add into your hatchery. They wriggle and kick so you dont need much airflow (which can bruise early eggs). Use some fine wet/dry sandpaper to get a super smooth internal surface on your strainer. I prefer glass though which is the smoothest.

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