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Heat retention

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I was just reading a book on aquaculture and came across something I had never heard of before.

To help retain heat in tanks during winter, the book suggests bubble wrap. Just keep the smooth side facing outwards and put it on the sides, rear and top. Double sided bubble wrap is supposed to be more efficient.

There you go, an easy do-it-yourself solution I had never heard of. Anyone tried this technique?

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I don't think cover the back of your tank in winter is a good idear

if the back of the tank is on a solid well you would think the heat coming throught the wall during the day if it get sun would heat the tank

So i think you should cover the front and sides

On the grounds I have a tank in the middel of a room and it is always getting ich where the other 4 are alway fine

Just my 2cents


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Depends where the tank is & where you come from too.

What if the tanks are on the southern end of the house.

Where I come from too, you might not see the sun for a few days, so there isn't any heat coming off the wall. Then again most houses in NZ do have installation, as they are needed to keep what heat there is, in the house.

Day time temp in middle of winter may get to 6-10 degrees, can get 6-8 degree frosts...oh how I miss, :P brr cold :lol:

I probably would never do it here, heaters do a good enough job, without to much cost.

Frenchy :D

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